Level Editor Preview

In order to make more content for Siegebreakers, I needed a new level editor. Why not make one that works in-game?

This early version of the level editor has all the tools to make any of the existing levels in the game and more. It allows the user to seamlessly go from editor to playing a custom level without any file manipulation or closing the program. In this video, I make a complete level in the in-game level editor using an Xbox 360 controller in about an hour.

The next version of Siegebreakers including the level editor will be made available to the public once it is ready. I’m looking forward to your feedback, and I can’t wait to see what kinds of levels you create!

Ready For Action!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! To celebrate, I’m pleased to announce a new playable character for Siegebreakers. Introducing: Val!


Finally someone is here to lend a feminine touch to the Siegebreakers team. Her specialties include building devious traps, mining for gold, and smacking the crap out of goblins with a battleaxe. So basically the exact same thing.



And finally, a Thanksgiving toast: to all the backers, friends, family, teachers and teammates who have supported this project. Siegebreakers would not be here were it not for all the help you have given. If there’s one thing I’m thankful for this year, is that I can spend my time doing something I love and making something really cool. Cheers, everyone!

Changes to Goblin Spawning and Special Waves

A whole bunch of changes have been made to how goblin waves are spawned. The not terribly exciting change is that the lag at the start of a wave has been fixed. The slightly more exciting news is the introduction of special waves!


A special wave is a wave made entirely of only one or two types of units that is specially chosen to challenge your defense strategy. A special wave spawns on wave 3, or on endless mode, on wave 3 and every third wave after a boss wave. Some examples of special waves include the Knight Wave, which will be summoned if you rely on traps, or the Berserker Wave, which aims to challenge players who do the fighting themselves.


A problem with endless mode that I’ve found in playtesting is that skilled players could often build up such a strong position that throwing more goblins at the problem was no longer challenging. Since endless mode’s purpose is to push players as hard as possible and test their skills, some changes had to be made. Special waves, along with some tweaks to the length of wave timers and difficulty scaling, should help to solve this problem and make endless mode a lot more fun!


Coming up next, a new character is on the horizon…
In the meantime, happy Siegebreaking!

Welcome to the Siegebreakers Blog

The site is finally live! This is where I’ll be sharing the progress of Siegebreakers in smaller, more frequent updates. Stay tuned for sneak peeks at new content and features as the game approaches release.

I’m also happy to announce that the Siegebreakers beta is complete! Kickstarter backers who reached the Beta Access tier have been granted access to an early download so they can try it themselves. The beta brings a ton of new features since the last update. Check out the update video to see the highlights of the Siegebreakers beta!